If you would like to make a financial donation to St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, there are a couple ways to do so.

One way is to send can send a check to our mailing address:
St. Anne’s Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 134
N. Billerica, MA 01862

A second way you can donate is to set up a payment through your bank either via their Mobile App or their website.

Another way is that you can use many of the payment applications on your mobile phone.

One application that you can install is the Venmo App.  Venmo, a mobile payment service, is an option in which you can transfer funds to others through your mobile phone. It is very user friendly and will guide you all the way.  To install the App on your mobile phone, follow the normal ways that you have installed new applications on your phone.  For more guidance, do a search on the internet for “Install Venmo on iPhone” or “Install Venmo on Android”.

To setup a Venmo account, following the instructions noted here.

To send a payment to St. Annes, search for St Anne’s account by looking for  “St Annes Episcopal Church North Billerica”. (It does not
have any punctuation in its name.)  When you send money, it will ask you “what is it for” – please specify that this is a donation and what it might be specifically for: pledge, special occasion, Christmas Fair, etc.