Thrift Shop

St. Anne’s Thrift Shop


Hours: Wed 2 PM – 6 PM, Thu 10 AM – 4 PM, Fri & Sat 10 AM-2 PM.

Please check out our Facebook page to find our latest updates, sale items, and other information.

St. Anne’s Thrift Shop opened over 40 years ago as an outreach to the community and a source of income to help the parish through a difficult financial time. We have succeeded in reaching both these goals.

The most rewarding goal however is being able to help others. When needed, we donate clothes and other items to charities (such as shelters for the homeless). It’s also heartwarming to see parents and grandparents, who have very little, come into the shop with small children and leave with a winter jacket, mittens and boots for them in order to keep warm in cold weather. Your donations of clothing, jewelry, books, and household items help keep the shop open. As a result, we always have quite a few items in stock.

We also have Christmas items that were donated and/or made, so come and check check them out at the Christmas room in the upstairs level.

Each week we usually have some type of sale going on! So check out “Today’s Specials” when you come in. (We do not accept debit cards nor credit cards.)

Even though they are not shown, we also have baby strollers, cribs, bicycles for young and not-so-young, luggage, and more!


Drop-off shed

We gratefully accept donations of gently-used (and clean) clothing, shoes, kitchenware, books, CDs, Christmas items, house goods and more.

Dropoff bin


Please note: The Thrift Shop will no longer accept televisions, computer equipment, microwaves, washing machines, dryers, stoves, electronic equipment, exercise equipment, toys or large furniture because of the difficulty in getting rid of them if they don’t sell.  Also, according to State and Local Laws, electronic and computer equipment and small appliances like microwaves can no longer be put into our dump sites. 

If you do have a large item that you wish to sell, we are willing to post it on our bulletin board.