For the latest at St. Anne’s: March 2021 Newsletter

Dear Parish of St. Anne’s,
Lent at Home in Community is a resource from GenOn Ministries, a nonprofit
organization that partners with churches to nurture, grow, and deepen
intergenerational Christ-centered community. An intergenerational church is one
that provides a sense of belonging for all and includes all as equal parts of the
body of Christ. As generations mutually invest in one another, relationships
deepen, and the faith is passed from one generation to the next.
Lent at Home in Community is written for all ages and can be done by individuals
or with others in the same home. To encourage relationships in the wider church
community, households can gather after each session—in person or through
video conferencing—to reflect on some provided prompts.
To make this enjoyable, I suggest that households of one connect with each other,
if you wish.
It only takes 15 minutes a week!
Additionally, on Wednesday evenings, I will host a Lenten Talkback half-hour at
7:00pm, followed by fifteen minutes of Song, Confessions from around the
world, and more Song from Taizé.
Enjoy loving God more during this Lent.
Mother Jennifer
P.S. The Psalm numbers got a little mixed up: for Week Two, Psalm 11 is really
Psalm 22. The words are correct for Psalm 22. And don’t get fooled by the
different verse numberings. Some Bibles count differently from our Prayer Book.
For the Lenten Program: Lent at Home in Community.2021
Please keep the prayers coming!

While deciding to close our church to in-person worship due to the spiking increase in COVID-19 infections, it was painfully difficult because our community brings comfort to each other in these challenging times. Please reach out to each other and your leaders with ideas for keeping our connections in the Body of Christ. 

Our services may be viewed on our website (Videos menu option), our Facebook page, our YouTube page, and on Billerica access television (BATV) as well as their web site www.batvinc.org

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Our Mission Statement:

St. Anne’s seeks to be led by the spirit to understand God’s purpose for the world with our mission being to respond through Christ in worship, education, fellowship and service. Amen.